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Just $5 sponsors a wood rose for a senior resident

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Roses for Residents

Hello there! Thank you for your interest in donating to our Roses for Residents 2022 project! Last year, 2021, Copper Fox Contrived's Roses for Residents project donated 217 wood roses and handmade Valentine's cards to local senior living facilities in our community. That was four entire facilities! This project took place in the midst of the pandemic, a time when senior living facilities were forced to prohibit visitors due to the imposed health risk to the residents. This was devastating to many. Mental health in the senior living community took a deep dive. Loneliness and the feeling of being forgotten was at an all time high. I know first hand how important it is to their health to keep spirits high in senior living facilities. In my earlier years, I worked on the floor in an assisted living community. This time with the senior community taught me so much. Mostly, the importance of reminding our senior community that they are loved. 


As an individual with a home based business and a soft spot for seniors, I wanted to give back. I put this project together and with the sponsorship our local community, our small-business friends and even out of state friends, family and clients. CFC was able to provide 217 hand painted wood-roses to donate to local senior living facilities!


In June of 2021, I expanded my business into a storefront and had to hire employees. I am no longer a one-woman show. We now have a platform of over 5K followers for our small business and we want to take full advantage of that for this years project! 


With the success of the 2021 RFR project and the giving nature of our community, we want to make this year an even bigger success and we know that you do too! We will not only be donating roses to facilities in our local area (St. Francois County)  but we hope to expand into the St. Charles and St. Louis area as well. In order to do that, we need your help! We are seeking sponsors to make this project everything we know it can be! $5 will sponsor a single rose for a resident! 


Did I mention our flowers are made of WOOD? Yes, you read that right. Here at Copper Fox Contrived we are a WOOD-FLOWER florist and gift shop! Our wood-flowers are hypoallergenic, as they don't have pollen to shed, they will never wilt or die, no need to water or preserve and they are always in season! 


Your donation of $5 will provide a resident with an everlasting bloom they will be able to enjoy FOREVER! We are hoping to receive donations of items to send with our wood-roses, like the handmade cards from the 2021 project. If you have a craft that you would like to donate to our RFR project, shoot us an email or send us a message on our Facebook Business page. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support of this amazing project! 

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Our Partners

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